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An important moment in the Upper Styrian community of Traboch finally came on November 2nd, 2020. The company STRABAG commissioned with the construction handed over the brand new talc grinding and talc processing plant to the owner AIHAI.

Groundbreaking in Traboch

The opening of the construction site in Traboch was celebrated on July 2, 2019 and another milestone was set in the history of the AIHAI Group. The fundamental partnership with STRABAG made a significant contribution to smooth handling.

The Raw Material Talc

Talc is not just a raw material of one kind: every occurrence on earth has its own geology, which was formed millions of years ago. As a natural raw material, talc usually occurs in combination with at least one other raw material.

Let's talc applications.


Paper & Pulp

Sliding your fingertips over a simple sheet of coated paper reveals after a few moments: talc is involved here. Cellulose products such as towels, packaging or modern disposable dishes also acquire their characteristic physical properties not least through talc from AIHAI. Mainly used for modification in the production of paper and cellulose, talc can do a lot more: as a filler, it provides special characteristics of demanding paper types and improves the haptic and technical profiles of the end products thanks to binding properties, as well as the high lamellarity, especially in recycling processes.


Paints & Coatings

Almost everything that you touch, use or look at on an everyday basis owes its properties to the use of talc. From the cereal bowl to the smartphone cover to the water-repellent all-weather clothing or brightly coloured toys that are particularly sturdy and easy to keep in order: talc is the indispensable raw material that gives reliable coatings their physical characteristics and bright colours lasting brilliance.

Paints and coatings play a significant role in heavy duty application, achieving a higher degree of sturdiness, being significantly longer lasting and weather-resistant, especially in the industrial field as well as aircrafts and vessels.



Plastics & Rubbers

Talc is put to use in the automotive industry, in its exterior mirror housings and rrubber tyres, in order to improve resistance and take advantage of the natural both soft and durable properties of talc. Besides using talc in the automotive industry, appliances become sturdier and resistant to higher temperatures, which are two of many important factors in the manufacturing of white goods such as fridges, washing machines, kitchen stoves and many more. Home appliances simplify our daily routines, make our life safer and the covers of household devices containing talc are aesthetically pleasing.



Talc in our daily life.

The manufacturing industry is right at the dawn of a new era, one in which safety, durability and resistance will be a greater challenge for manufacturers than in earlier decades. AIHAI’s mission is to ensure the most adequate formula- tion for each application and individualisation, in order to meet our customers’ requirements perfectly.


Body Care & Cosmetics

Our daily routine begins with talc. Whether it is the snooze button on the radio alarm clock with its pleasant soft-touch coating or whether it is the care products in the bathroom: talc, the raw material given by nature, touches us – and we touch it and thus trigger positive emotions. Talc of the best quality from sustainable production is indispensable for high-quality and safe body care and cosmetic products. Modern consumers rely on safe ingredients in their daily care routine that provide protection, moisture and a pleasant sensory experience.




Talc for every use.

AIHAI produces magnesitic talc for a huge variety of applications. That is one of the main reasons why we successfully compete in individual markets and always meet any kind of new needs when it comes to talc.


AIHAI lives conscious responsibility in all matters. As a global corporation, we want to do everything possible to protect the health of all employees and customers, especially in challenging situations such as the corona pandemic. All safety precautions have been taken to minimize risks and still maintain operations.


Entering the era of rapid economic growth, environmental protection has become an increasingly important focus and obligation to every business organization for a sustainable future. At AIHAI, we continuously work to advance solutions in new mining and industrial processing that are ecologically intelligent, efficient, sustainable, safe and healthy for both:…

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Mining Volume
400000 tons p.a.

Mining Area
2500000 m 2

50000000 tons

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50 %

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